About Us

Fine Gourmet Products

We specialize in the production and distribution of specialty coffee and food products aimed at gourmet lovers and connoisseurs alike. These products can be found in all fine supermarkets, fruit markets, butcher's and pastry shops. Aware of todays' customers' standards in terms of food and product excellence, we certainly meet those demands by offering only the best quality products to our customers.

OSEZ Coffee

Visit our online coffee store and discover our exclusive OSEZ Coffee line made of superior grade 100% Arabica coffee grains originating from Costa Rica, Colombia, Perou and Guatemala. Artisan roasted and cooked at low temperature in order to fully discharge its aroma, our coffee is highly recommended by our connoisseurs. Offered in 6 savory blends of which 4 are certified Fair Trade, the Aroma Maxima coffee is sold in a flexible, vacuum-packed package to preserve all its aroma.